Do you ever flip through your favourite fitness magazines and wish you could look like the girls that grace the pages, or wonder what it would take to get into that condition? Well stop dreaming and start your journey today towards the ultimate body you’ve always wanted!

This program is designed for women who have been training for awhile and are wanting to take their bodies to the next level. You should already be fit, eat healthy
and have a body fat percentage between 18-21% before starting this program.
IF YOU DON’T, please start with the LOSE WEIGHT, GET IN SHAPE program.

This program takes 12 weeks of your life for pure dedication towards your goal. Pushing your body to the next level requires a lot of will power, self reassurance, and the will to fight for what you want……. but the reward in the end will be so fulfilling, I guarantee that!

*All exercises come with written, picture and video instructions.

If you feel you are lacking muscle mass start with the

This is a great program for those looking to get in shape for a photo shoot.

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